About Us
About Us

    CHANGHAI MACHINERY, founded in 1987 with the original name of Ruian Donghai Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd, has wide experience in manufacturing capital goods for the flexible packaging conversion industry. The main product category of CHANGHAI MACHINERY contains: High speed Solventless Laminating machine, Solventbased (Waterbased) dry laminating machine, Induction cap seals wax lamination and die punching machine, High speed slitting rewinding machine etc. We’re one of the leading machine manufacturers for flexible packaging in China.



    The value that guide our behavior and that of our collaborators are sustainability,commitment,simplicity,humanism and professionalism. “Customers First, Quality Matters Most” always being our first belief. Our mission is not only to sell machines to flexible packaging producers,but also to offer them a global solution: Competitive and personalized equipment,considerate and prompt service,constant developing support,latest innovation and valuable technology,sustainability and knowledge etc.




Company history:

1987—1992     Ruian Donghai Packaging Machinery Factory

1993—1996     Ruian Donghai Packaging Machinery Company

1996—2013     Ruian Donghai Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD.

2013—Till now     Ruian Changhai Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD. 


2017: A second company with the same management team, same production team and same technical team named “ Wenzhou Shengtian Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd” was set up, specially for exporting the SSEN brand Sino-Korean cooperative high speed Solventless Laminating Machines.

-Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
It is easy to open a business, but it is hard to keep it open.

---------Changhai Machinery |Since 1987|


Who are we?

Out there when most companies are busy making big, over-complicated and fancy-looking 
machines in order to make a high price, our owner, also the general engineer, Mr.Yang, on the 
other hand has been investing his expertise on 30years’ of research and development to fulfill 
most end-users underlying quest for _Smarter, Simpler and more energy-saving_ flexible 
packaging lamination and slitting lines.

Yes, We do not follow suit from our beginning in 1987.


But what motivates Changhai Machinery to begin this journey to simplicity?

Being an entrepreneur himself starting from scratch in Ruian,China, Mr.Yang is fully aware of how (1) insufficient Technical know-hows;(2) Limited working space;(3)Tight budget could be key inhibitors for start-ups embarking on flexible packaging business. That is why he has been setting his sights on building something different, something that could give a tangible leg up particularly for those green-hands who are worryingly running short of technical experience and initial capitals.


“My wish since the day I started this company, was to put higher priority on pragmatism rather 
than on high margins. In Changhai, We take price in being the front-runner for being practical and simple, and in seeing our machines landing at the bottom of customer’s success ladder.” Mr.Yang Commented.


A tight Spot

Beginners are adopting implicit purchasing rules for cost-efficient equipment of easy operation 
and maintenance. This demand could be fulfilled by reducing unnecessary manufacturing costs and simplifying mechanical actions.

However, this practice was caught in a tight spot at the outset because not all customers are able to see this valuable idea behind. People tend to stereotype simplicity of production liners as nothing but a pile of worthless steels. It is a misconception that the value of a set of equipment is equivalent to its size and fancy exteriors. Unfortunately, beginners lacking of technical knowledge is easily misguided by other machine vendors touting for complicated equipment from whose eyes you could only see a “Dollar sign”.

Eventually after putting their hands on it, users will find out that Changhai’s machine is a real 
pushover to learn and operate



Why us.

When it comes to your packaging solutions, you have a choice. A choice between complicated type and simple structure. Our approach is a simple one.

30+ years of laminating machine manufacturing experience says much about the fact that the more complicated actions machines are performing, the higher possibility there will be for mechanical errors to find their way.


Inevitably, our products are also highly sought-after, especially by experienced players who are fed up with complexity and beginners who find ease-of-use a real reward.


Good product speaks for itself that it’s always the idea that value